No Action? Try "Junk Fishing".

We've all been there, when even the most thorough game plans seem to be failing. Or, if you're like my dad, "maybe I'm just not that good."

Regardless, the solution is simple, go "Junk Fishing".

What is Junk Fishing?

Junk Fishing has recently become a popular buzz word that originated in professional fishing circles and even now, the average everyday fisher.

Simply put, Junk Fishing refers to a fishing strategy that has no strategy. A fishing technique that involves trial and error, mixing and matching, and experimentation.

How to Junk Fish?

For the super-equipped angler, rig up multiple rods with a diverse set of baits. Or for the average angler, use connectors and/or leaders to make swapping between baits as simple as possible.

Find areas that pose opportunistic shelters for fish. For example, calm waters with surface penetrating boulders with dark-casted shadows.

Try starting out with your favourite topwater popper. Take advance of our Fishing Depot discount prices and cast out small finesse jigs into tight, risky, crevices. Or perhaps your kid's uneaten hotdog from last night's barbeque.  

Maybe you discover a shallow sandy beach, thick vegetation, or a bright neon sign saying "fish here". Go for it.

The whole idea behind Junk Fishing is to be able to experiment and to be as agile as possible.

Junk Fishing involves using different baits for the same type of fish, sometimes with little to no reasoning at all. See something you like? Try it out. Catch something in one area? Switch it up in the next.

Junk Fishing is fun. 



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